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Transformative Travel in Nepal

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Transformative Travel in Nepal: Fulfilling A Dream In The Himalayas describes the challenges I faced when I went trekking at high altitude in the Himalayas and how meeting those challenges affected me and my future.

You might be wondering about the word ‘trekking.’ Why not just say hiking?

Well, the word trekking indicates that it’s really, really, really difficult hiking. At least, that’s my definition. I had previously done a bit of hiking, but that hiking didn’t prepare me for what I’d find in the Himalayas.

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Preparation for Trekking

I was in my mid-50s at the time – significantly overweight and totally out of condition. I asked a friend who had trekked in Nepal what I should do to get in shape for what I knew would be very difficult. After all, I got out of breath just walking up one flight of stairs.

Her answer was to do nothing special – that I’d get in shape while trekking.

That did happen, but I don’t think I’d give the same advice. And thank goodness, Kay (my traveling buddy) and I didn’t set out on either of our treks with other trekkers. Living at 6,000 feet in Colorado Springs, Kay was in much better shape than I was. She was extremely patient with my slow progress. If we’d been in a group, I’m sure the other group members would have been frustrated that it took us two days to do what the guidebooks said should be done in one.


Fortunately, I kept a very detailed journal every day about our daily activities and my reactions to those activities – both physical and emotional.

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Kate and Kay on trek – photo taken by a friend

Yes, I’m so glad I kept that journal because otherwise, I might think that I’m now exaggerating the problems I had in breathing in the thin air at altitude. Surely things couldn’t have been all that bad.

Luckily, I had the foresight to write about every little thing that we experienced every day. And yes, some days were excruciating. But at the same time, I had never known the feelings of elation that I experienced at the end of each day. And I haven’t had the same elation from any other activity since then.

Who Can Do It?

We didn’t trek during the high season. Instead, we went at a less popular time of year. Not because that’s what we’d planned. No, the whole trip was spontaneous. So we didn’t meet a lot of people on the trail, but even at that time, we saw people of all ages daring to conquer high altitude trekking, including a few 80-year-old women.

Basically, if you can put one foot in front of the other, you can probably do it.



Take a look at Transformative Travel in Nepal and follow along as I fulfill my lifelong dream of trekking in the Himalayas. And perhaps you’ll find yourself inspired to fulfill a dream as well.


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