Transformative Travel

Fullfilling a dream! Kathmandu. Nepal. The Himalayas.

An exotic area many people dream about visiting. Kate had that dream and made it come true.

A casual phone call to a friend sparked the fulfillment of Kate's lifelong dream to trek in the Himalayas. She jokingly told her friend Kay that they could get fit by trekking in the Himalayas.

Kay accepted the challenge, and within just a few weeks, Kate and Kay were on a plane heading to the adventure of a lifetime:
  • seeing the gorgeous snow-capped Himalayas in person so close that Kate felt she could just reach out and touch them
  • trekking for days where only the most adventurous travelers ever reach
˃˃˃ Truly Transformative Travel

What Kate learned about herself during the challenging, sometimes excruciating, always stimulating adventure of trekking the Himalayas transformed her in ways that sometimes didn't become apparent until years later.

Follow along with Kate as she learns more about how to expand her limits so that she can truly fulfill her dream. And maybe you will find yourself motivated to fulfill your dream as well.

You can do it! Read Kate’s memoir of her journey – it may inspire you to fulfill your dreams – whatever they might be. It’s never too late. Kate was in her mid-50’s, overweight, totally out of shape. She fulfilled her dream and so can you.

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Transformative Trravel