Diving Head First

Some families have secrets they protect with a web of lies. But secrets want to get out and often end up causing upheaval to even the most loving people.

Sarah Marshall knew her family wasn't perfect, but at least she didn’t have to lie to protect anyone’s secrets.

Having been abandoned by her father, Sarah had a deep wound that no man could cure. She dumped guy after guy before they could abandon her.

Until Jamie. He was her perfect match until he jilted her and brought her life crashing down around her. But that was nothing compared to the lie she would uncover just a few short months later.

In her anger at Jamie, Sarah decides to go alone on what should have been her honeymoon to learn scuba diving in Indonesia. In that exotic paradise, she makes a surprising connection with a Hollywood bad boy. But is he really bad? Should she try to find out?

While trying to deal with the pain of failed relationships, Sarah uncovers a lie that was the source of her fears and her difficulties with relationships.

Is it too late for Sarah to overcome her fears? She goes Diving Head First to find out.

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Diving Head First