About Me


Welcome to my author site!  If you know me already, then you know that I’ve been writing most of my life in one way or another while moving from job to job.

My most recent career as a tour director gave me plenty of opportunities to write. I probably gave out more well-researched, informative handouts to members of my tours than any other tour director.

Now, though, I'm happy to report that my writing life has taken over my tour directing life,  and I'm usually at home in Yogyakarta, with a view from my writing area of my beautiful yard with all kinds of flowering trees and vines, while my dogs dig up the grass.


I've been living in Indonesia since 1982, and I've carved out my own little piece of paradise that I share with my dogs and my housekeeper and her husband.

I originally came to Indonesia to get the travel bug out of my system before finishing my program to become a clinical psychologist. I loved psychology, but didn’t want to be tied down to a practice with just a few weeks off every year. I'd always loved traveling and even longed to live and work overseas.

Just when I was feeling the noose tightening around my neck, a short-term job in Indonesia came along. Well, I figured a short time living and working overseas would get that itch out of my system. But as you’ve already guessed, three months wasn't enough time to destroy that restless bug.

When that short job ended, I'd already decided that I wanted to continue living the adventurous lifestyle that working overseas gave me. But what could I do to earn a living?

I’d been a Spanish teacher straight out of college and figured I could use those same skills to teach English. So that’s what I did.

I taught English in Indonesia for 13 years, then switched to tour directing for 18 years while still living here. Tour directors can live wherever they want – the tour company flies them to the starting point of the tour. How perfect!

The Writing Life

Amazon has opened up a whole new world to those of us who want to write and publish books. Once I tested the system and saw that strangers would buy something that I'd written, my motivation to write soared, and I’ve been a writer ever since.

I hope that you enjoy my books and that you look for my next books over the coming months.

All the best, Kate